23 June 2009

Arrow Antennas GP52

Last week, I ordered an Arrow Antennas GP52 6-Meter 1/4 Wave Groundplane antenna. It is a well built antenna; unlike many 1/4 wave groundplanes, it is not made from narrow gauge material or tubing. The vertical element is made out of solid 3/8" aluminum rod and the groundplanes are made from solid 1/4" wave aluminum rod. It is also a great deal, only $55.00 at $39.00 for the antenna and $15.00 for shipping.

This evening Guy, K4GTM came by with his MFJ antenna analyzer and we checked it out. It has an SWR of 1:1 at the center of the 6-Meter band and 1.5:1 at the edges of the band. Out of pure curiosity, I asked Guy to check it on the 2-Meter band. at 146 MHz and 147 MHz, it has an SWR of around 2:1. With a 2:1 SWR, that means it could also double as a 2-Meter antenna.

I bought it to have a 6-Meter field antenna, good for special event stations, field days, mini field days, etc. It should be a fine antenna for such use because of it's durability and ease of assembly. The fact that it can also double as a 2-Meter antenna makes it even better for a field antenna - it can be dual use.

Mac McCormick III, KF4LMT